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Hello World!

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2014 December 26.

Hello World!

This is my very first, welcome post on my new website. I’ve been planning this website for months, and now I am glad, that I can start my own blog at the same time. The aim of this blog is to share all the gastro-stories and curiosities that I meet during my works and everyday life…

Among my blog posts you will find interesting readings about the latest local and international gastronomic trends, besides useful tips and suggestions. However I really do love cooking and (hopefully) all the people around me do the same, this blog is not supposed to be an ordinary gastro blog and I’m not about to share my own kitchen experiences. For sure there will be some exceptions though, but I will do my best to provide my readers the most interesting and pleasurable contents and visuals that I can make. Finally I will be able to show my own style without any proofreading and correction by my editors. I hope you will love reading my posts as much as I will love writing them down to you.